Something’s Going on With Texas Bail Bond Companies

Have you ever had someone you know get arrested? Have you ever been the person that they call from jail? If so, then I bet you’ve had your fair share of run-ins with bail bondsmen. I hope this never happens to you in Texas though. If you think your city is bad when it comes to self-promoting, just look at the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Not only can your typical bail bondsman write bonds, but so can attorneys and lawyers (if licensed to do so). That makes the competition extremely fierce and the more competition there is, the shadier people can be.

Dallas Texas Advertising

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some very good bail bonds agents in Dallas, Texas. There’s probably a lot of good ones actually if you think about all of the surrounding areas. However, when everyone and their brother can write a bond in that state, many of these guys are trying to get clients by giving the lowest rate possible. Honestly, I’m not sure how they make money. Furthermore, I’m not sure how they’re still in business.

If you don’t know what a bail bond is, simply put, it is a legal document backed by an insurance company that promises a defendant’s appearance in court. Since most people can’t afford to pay the full amount of bail that was set, they use a bondsman to get released from jail. They do this because a bonding company will only charge 10%-20% of the bail. If the person doesn’t show up for court though, they’ll go after the co-signer for the full bail amount. One of the newest Dallas County bail bonds review websites has sprung up which details a lot of the interactions that a person will have with a bondsman if they get that unfortunate call from the jail. You can dive further into what the bonding process is exactly on the linked website.

How a Bail Bondsman Traditionally Advertises

If you tend to stay out of bars and steer clear of shady neighborhoods, then you probably haven’t seen much in the way of advertising from a bail agent. But for the rest of us (yeah we like those types of neighborhoods), we get inundated with a lot of visual stimuli relating to the industry. There’s the signs on the bus stop shelters, paid advertising on the local networks, phone numbers on matchbook covers, and more. If you can think of a place to put your phone number that doesn’t cost too much, a bondsman has put his/her phone number there. I guarantee it.

With so much competition in Texas though, it makes you wonder how some of these smaller bonding companies are getting their business. One Tarrant County bail bonds agent has stated that in order to get more clients, he has to charge the minimal amount (10%). If he doesn’t, the potential client will just call around to other bonding companies until someone gives a cheaper rate. Sounds horrible to me! Just think of the implications here. The customer has all the power!

The Shady Side of Texas Bail Bonds

With more competition comes the necessity to either get really good at your job and hone in on your marketing plan, or cut some corners and break the law. Haha, we know that the last one isn’t a very good option, but hey, people do it!

In Texas, there are some bail bondsmen who go below the minimum percentage rate allowed by law. They’ll tell a potential customer that they’ll give them some sort of a discount/special because of this or that, and only charge them 5%. Not only does this break the Texas bail bond laws, it is an extremely poor business model.

To truly get ahead in any business, you have to market yourself like a pro, spend your advertising dollars wisely, and adhere to strict policies that diminish liability. Shady business practices (cheating) always gets found out one way or another. These guys should do themselves a favor and quit while their ahead.

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