Learning Sales Tricks from Capstone Consultants

Have you ever thought, “What’s the best way to sell my service?” Capstone Consultants in Charlotte, NC just might have the answer that you’ve been looking for.

I recently interviewed the president of Capstone, Brandon West, to find out what makes this marketing and sales company stand out above the rest and we shed some light on some very interesting details.

You see, a lot of sales people think that if they just get in front of enough people, they’ll be able to get their point across and someone will buy.

That might be true to some extent, but for the most part, a lot of salespeople are looking at the interaction with the customer through a very narrow point-of-view. Instead of “getting your point across,” you should be thinking about why someone would want to BUY your service. People don’t like to be forced into anything. They like to have the impression that THEY are the ones making the decisions, even if you only are giving them a couple to choose from. Here’s what Capstone Consultants does that is different from all of the other sales training programs out there right now.

How Capstone Consultants Sells So Well

First off, you have to understand what this company is selling. Take a look at the Capstone Consultants twitter feed to learn a little bit more about that. Ok, so now you understand that they are essentially the “sales arm” for a lot of other big companies out there. While they don’t sell a tangible product, you should still sell yours in the same way that they do their services.

The first step to any sale is to have a very strong introduction. Don’t jump the gun and start spewing facts and figures about your product yet (if ever). Simply just tell the person who you are and who you’d like to speak with. After that, figure out if there is a need for your product or service in the first place… AND… if the person you intended to talk to can make decisions on behalf of the company.

When you look at this Capstone Consultants profile on the Better Business Bureau, you’ll see that there are zero complaints. That’s because they don’t annoy people and force their services down their throat. They dismiss themselves when a sale isn’t to be had. So, that’s the second biggest rule of engagement. Don’t go barking up the wrong tree if there are several signs of disinterest or if the person can’t make the decision in the first place.

After that, just make sure to ask plenty of questions (sort of interview the prospect). Eventually, they’ll start asking YOU questions about your product. It’s really that simple.

So, by maintaining an equally balanced conversation with your prospect, you can sell a ton of your products in the future. Now, get out there and start selling!