New Varicose Veins Natural Treatment Marketing Tactics

So all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, I’m seeing a ton of advertising and marketing being done for companies that produce varicose veins treatment creams, supplements, herbal tonics, and devices. What most of the American public doesn’t know, is that almost all sales language is completely made up to sound like the best doctors in the country have recently ‘uncovered’ some breakthrough formula. It’s all the same. I asked the marketing gurus over at Veritas Inc what they thought about it and what they had to say completely blew my mind. The president of the marketing firm stated that this type of marketing has been going on for ages. It’s not just with spider vein treatments either. It’s with anything health related. Where someone can stand to make a few bucks from selling a product, you can be sure that there are plenty of marketers waiting in line to promote that very product.

Granted, according to the Safety & Health Council on Varicose Veins, there are certain natural treatments that people can use that seem to be pretty effective. To read more about the legitimacy of the options for varicose veins and natural treatment, be sure to investigate the authority on the subject, the SHC. Now that being said, there are plenty of other people with fake testimonials saying that this product or that product is better than all the rest. What I can’t believe still is that most people believe what they read! They say a sucker is born every minute, but with the availability of the internet, it’s more like every second!

Here’s what these guys do…they take the same old ingredients that all of the other supplements for varicose veins have in them and come up with a new fancy name. They then come up with new packaging and place all of the required warning labels on it. They make it look as though it’s the newest thing on the market, but neglect to tell people that they could have bought it under a ton of other names as well.

You see with most of the natural treatments out there, not just for varicose veins, the ingredients aren’t really proprietary, Many scientists are able to reverse-engineer what all is in varicose veins natural treatments and give that information over to any company willing to pay the money. I don’t know about you, but that seems just a little shady to me…but I guess that’s just marketing.

Atlanta, SEO, and Marketing Firms

A lot of local residents have unfortunately found out that in Atlanta SEO is not necessarily marketing. Every business inside the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area gets several phone calls a week for search engine optimization services, and most of them make empty promises.

Atlanta Search Engine Optimization Company

In the marketing world, everyone loves to say that they do “SEO.” Everyone just loves the title for some reason and they also love to say that they do “digital marketing” or “online brand management.” What you have to consider though, is that there are no requirements to give yourself a title like that. The one Atlanta search engine optimization company that is actually a specialist (that I know of) is called Force Boost. Here’s the company’s contact information if you’re interested in increasing you company’s search engine visibility. I’ve had experience with them in ranking this website, and also with the keyword research itself, and I know for a fact that they do a great job with any online marketing campaign.

Force Boost
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW #20 Atlanta, GA 30318

One of the things that you should be increasingly aware of when a random company calls your receptionist and asks for the owner to give some SEO services is the price point. A lot of these companies are offering seemingly spectacular services for $500 a month. Now tell me this. If you could pay an employee $125 per week to perform a job for you, how good of a job do you think they will do? I mean, seriously. Every company out there has different levels of competition on the search engines and a one-price-fits-all method should definitely raise a few red flags in your eyes.

Another thing to be wary of is when a company offers to give you a SEO’d listing on directory sites. First of all, you can do that yourself. In fact, you could hire an intern to find all of the relevant web directories in your industry and submit your information. You wouldn’t have to pay them a thing! So, why doesn’t everyone hire someone to do this? Well, to be quite honest with you, there’s no value in it anymore. A lot of these “SEO companies” are just sticking to what used to work ten years ago and selling it to business owners who don’t know any better. Be careful of that.

The last thing I would say to look out for, especially in Atlanta, Georgia, is surprisingly optimistic expectations of results. Some Atlanta search engine optimization companies will make claims that you will see results in 30 days or your money back. While this does seem very inticing, it’s a bunch of b.s. No one can rank a website in thirty days. They may be able to rank your website for some meaningless term that no one is searching for, but not for anything that is going to yield you any new customers. Just because the keyword research shows that people are searching for something quite a bit, doesn’t mean that those people are looking to buy a particular service or product.

All in all, when searching for Atlanta SEO services, I highly recommend you check out the SEO company, Force Boost. Again, I’ve had personal experiences with the company and they do great work with social media marketing, web design, and reputation management. If you choose to go with another company, that’s perfectly fine, but I hope the above warnings stick with you on your hunt.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Atlanta, GA Cobb County – Case Study

The following is a case study that Veritas Inc did with an Atlanta bail bonds company who offer their services 24 hours a day. It’s not these people never sleep, its just that they have separate shifts that they work. You never know who is going to need bail money at four in the morning. But these people need someone that they can rely on to get them out of jail…preferably quickly.

So, Veritas Inc worked with them. Here’s what they did in the early stages of the marketing campaign. They worked on the company’s social media properties and optimized them with their current hours. 24/7 isn’t an option on most platforms, but they figured out how to make it work across all current social media.


The company then when into the the separate pages of the bail bonds website that the company has set up and made sure that the mention of their hours was listed somewhere on the page. You have to be aware of over-optimization a lot of times these days, so they just made sure their bonding agency had these mentions just once or twice per page.

After just those few tweaks, their phone started ringing after hours. It turns out that people were actively searching for this term online. Who knew? Right? Wrong. Veritas knew and through their keyword research, they were able to find these customers who were reaching out to random companies who didn’t actually state their hours anywhere on the G+ profiles or their website. What a waste. But it didn’t stop there.

The next thing that this marketing firm did for the bonding agency was to create multiple citations all over the web that look like this:

Bail Bonding Now
235 Peachtree Street Northeast #400
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

This is called a NAP citation. It stands for “name, address, phone number.” This method doesn’t just apply to a bondsman, it works for any local business that wants better local listings. In Atlanta and the Cobb County area especially, the competition can be pretty fierce. Someone who is just trying to get their foothold in the industry can be beaten out pretty quickly because these other companies that have long-been established have a budget that they can throw at marketing. Luckily enough, there’s room for this bail bonds company to rise to the top. These company’s aren’t that good at marketing.

I hope you never find yourself in a situation in which you will need 24 hour bail bonds in Atlanta, but if you do, you can always just use the contact information above, or you can use this map that we’ve provided to find some of the other bondsman agencies in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area…especially Cobb County.

I’ll update this post a little later with additional information and our findings. So far…so good though. The company has reported a strong influx of phone calls from people who need bailed out during the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunate for them, but good for business I suppose.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Georgia & Charity Work

veritas inc atlanta georgia reviewsThings aren’t always what they seem at Veritas Inc in Atlanta, GA – I mean don’t get me wrong, Georgia is hot and there’s tons of traffic – but this company is doing something very special within the city limits. In this article, I’m going to tell you about some of the charity events that the company is putting together, so stay with me because there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the company’s true purpose.

Although charity does great things for the community and the people affected, it also does some really nice things for the people that volunteer their time and effort as well. When those people share a common interest and work at the same company, the benefits are countless.

Veritas Inc in Atlanta GA Charity Fundraising

One of the biggest reasons that this company is so successful, is that they continually give back to the community. They have raised thousands of dollars for the organization, Operation Smile. This global charity provides no-cost medical procedures and aftercare for children born with cleft lip and cleft palette. Some of these children are ostracized from their communities due to their facial deformity. Some of these children don’t make it to see their first birthday due to health complications.

Veritas Inc in Atlanta, GA has raised over $15,000 for this cause and truly believes that what they are doing will help make the world a better place. To read more about these charity events and the culture at the corporation, visit Veritas Inc in Atlanta, GA on their employee blog. You’ll see that what they are doing is truly magnificent and a worthy cause.

Veritas Inc in Atlanta Georgia Benefits as Well

veritas inc atlanta georgia

By doing charity work and contributing to a goal that is bigger than one’s self, a stronger sense of pride is developed within the workplace. This pride doesn’t come naturally. Sure, we all have a sense of pride in doing our work, but at the same time, you can’t really know that what you are doing is actually important. I’m sure its important for the company’s bottom line and your personal income, but knowing that you are doing something truly amazing for someone else is a feeling that you can’t get  any other way than doing charity work and holding philanthropic events.

The benefits to the employees of Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia far outweigh the time and effort spent outside of work. The staff of this Atlanta-based corporation works extremely hard during the day and they also work very long hours. They are paid well, but salaries never give a true sense of accomplishment. To read more about some of the company’s most recent ventures and to see how employees truly feel about working at the company, visit Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia on their employee guide website. You’ll find that charity work and philanthropy aren’t all they are doing right.

Working at Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia

Working at the Atlanta-based marketing company has its challenges. The flow of the day is very fast paced and dynamic. Things change all of the time in the sales and marketing industry and these guys definitely know how to roll with the punches.

You’ll never find a group of harder working individuals than those who work at Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia. That much is certain.

Job Review at Veritas Inc Atlanta

veritas inc atlanta georgia reviewsIn this Veritas Inc Atlanta job review, I will discuss some of the ins and outs of the business.

Of course, you can find out a lot of these things by just asking one of the hiring managers, but it seems like people get too scared to ask someone who might actually be a credible authority on the matter.

Here’s the thing, people get too caught up reading Veritas Inc reviews and opinions from ex-employees. There really isn’t a single legitimate negative review, other than the job is tough or challenging.

A lot of people blame their manager for their shortcomings. In fact, you learn in interviewing 101 that anyone who says they left their previous job because their manager didn’t like them or had it out for them, is not a good hire.

Reviews of Veritas Inc Atlanta Georgia

reviewsIf you’re looking for an honest review of Veritas Inc Atlanta, go check out the linked page. Its totally un-biased and gives a great opinion about not only this corporation, but sales and marketing companies in Atlanta in general.

Okay, on with the review of Veritas Inc Atlanta Georgia. I won’t give a testimonial or anything, but I’ve seen a lot of these sales and marketing companies popping up all over the place. I’m not sure what you’re opinion is on the matter, but to me, that spells MONEY.

You see, anytime a company is valuable and others are buying their products or services, they will expand. I don’t know how far each company will expand, but I do know that its for good reason.

In marketing, a lot of people don’t actually know how to sell their services. They know how to do the research, optimization, whatever…but they don’t know how to talk to people to sell that very service. They lack the appropriate people skills to get the job done. If you want to know more about that or Veritas Inc in general, visit this Veritas Inc Atlanta review and you’ll gain a ton of useful information that you can use to better your outlook on things.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Review

Veritas Inc Atlanta GeorgiaMy review of Veritas Inc Atlanta is similar to my reviews of other companies in the same industry. For the most part, they all provide a useful service to Fortune 500 companies and their marketing efforts.

I do know for a fact that this company in particular has expanded into well over sixty different markets and cities and has just a ton of clients that they work with. They aren’t peddling energy drinks or trying to sell t-shirts on the street corner either.

My Review of Veritas Inc Atlanta

They are hired by the biggest companies in their respective industries and they will continue to grow for a very long time.

All in all, Veritas Inc in Atlanta, Georgia is doing a great job. If you found this review helpful, please leave a comment. 🙂

Veritas Inc Atlanta Best Customer Service Tips

veritas-inc-atlanta-reviews-csVeritas Inc Atlanta is considered one of the best sales and advertising business providing the best quality marketing solutions to quite a few of the big Fortune 500 organizations. It assists organizations to grow their gross income by acquiring fresh clients plus providing service to old consumers. The professionals at Veritas Inc Atlanta work in a close connection with their clientele as a power team to build up an entire advertising and marketing plan from brand name creation, sales campaigns to direct marketing to assist them expand their company by means of providing a great customer service.

Unequalled customer service is actually the main element to the success of Veritas Inc Atlanta. With customer service at its core, the individuals at Veritas Inc Atlanta firmly focus on on the phrase “The customer is definitely right”. In this incredibly fast paced transforming community, consumer demands are ever increasing and customer picks are expanding. It becomes increasingly challenging to break through the clutter of competitiveness. Primarily it’s always client service that powers the achievements of any business. Just read these reviews of Veritas Inc and you’ll see what I mean. Therefore spending effort to identify buyer requirements as well as wishes is extremely important in order to adequately assist them with the specific sorts of products that they want.

Veritas Inc Atlanta: Review of CSR

Shoppers must be served in a regular and knowledgeable way so as to always build a favorable customer experience. Unfavorable experience triggers the losing of a precious consumer. This particular customer subsequently goes to other competing companies. Displeased consumers are risky mainly because these people bad mouth the company and bad recommendations travels more rapidly than good word of mouth. Hence the bargaining power now is placed in the hands of the customers who always have to be kept pleased!!

To present a remarkable customer service, Veritas Inc Atlanta always slides straight into the shoes of the shopper to get a good understanding of their demands. Attentive listening as well as undivided attention to every buyer tends to make them really feel guaranteed and also important. This growth of great experience and faith with regard to the organization runs quite a distance in the organization- customer bond. Being familiar with consumers ththoroughlyeally helps to much better influence how the organisation’s solution correctly satisfies their demands. Experts at Veritas Inc Atlanta work together with the client companies to get a more complete knowledge of the business’ core values and also the solutions they deliver. Learning the products inside out is crucial because it aids to respond to the queries from the customers pertaining to the product in a well informed style. This approach thereby helps to build believability. Each and every consumer relationship is a great opportunity in order to display that the business is a reliable as well as qualified entity that at all times cares about the wellbeing of its users.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Customer Service


The total Veritas Inc Atlanta team aims to provide a memorable customer encounter to be noticeable or identify itself in this competing market place. Veritas Inc Atlanta lists retaining present users or developing a dedicated base of customers as their top notch concern. Check their website for more details. Despite the fact that acquiring new consumers helps in expanding business still the current buyers are the core of any kind of business. Customer retention and also full satisfaction drives profits. In accordance with Pareto’s 80-20 rule, 80% of income comes from 20% of clients. For this reason it usually is profitable maintaining plus servicing old consumers as opposed to acquiring fresh customers. It generally takes five to ten times more time and effort to win fresh consumers. Upon review, individuals at Veritas Inc Atlanta are empathetic and affectionate about the enterprise they are employed by and also the clients they serve.

New Social Media from Veritas Inc Atlanta!

Veritas Inc in Atlanta, GA has a lot more social media sites than they once had. For instance, you can see a lot of their newest videos on their YouTube, see some cool pics on Tumblr, and even check out Veritas Inc on BBB and read some reviews. It hasn’t always been that way though. Here’s some advice from Veritas Inc on Social media and branding your company’s image.


The social media revolution also known as the web 2.0 movement has reformed the digital space considering the debut of robust social bookmarking websites like WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and numerous others. Ease of use stands out as the most important benefit of such interactive internet sites, so the writers today needn’t be technology “experts” but range from pre-teens to middle-agers. Therefore the internet is influxed with innumerable websites selling products and solutions along with blogs in which people reveal their thoughts on essentially any subject ranging from personal hobbies, to handy product reviews, to mouth watering dishes, to religion, to finance!! What this signifies is that you can find a whole lot of internet sites which are competing for attention. In this posting, Veritas Inc Atlanta GA reviews the impact of social media revolution and the importance of SEO in the world of internet marketing.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Social Media

Experts at Veritas Inc Atlanta review that whilst reaching to the top of search engine results is not an easy job…it isn’t impossible either!! It takes devoted endeavor, time along with persistence. It really is a continuing approach and leaving your search engine ranking to chance is not a good plan. For more info on this. Read these Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews and see all of the raw data they have compiled on the issue. They’ve really done their research on this one.

The solution to enhancing the visibility of your web page is efficient usage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedures. Certainly, when your blog is optimized it is effortlessly selected by the search engines which indexes it and ranks it in the search results. And thus your web page becomes visible to millions of people on the planet who are searching for webpages and blogs with the exact keywords or related phrases.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Review of Social Media Marketing

Constructing your blog with smart on-page and off-page optimization methods is the key to success in the SEO world. Veritas Inc Atlanta helps out clients in creating the right SEO strategy to improve their search engine rankings. Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews on-page optimization as the beginning point of any SEO activity. The most crucial aspect here is the content of the webpage. Superior quality content material attracts more targeted traffic. Just look at Veritas Inc on Twitter. Quality content offers readers the motivation to talk about your website which generates links to your web page. Thus good and appealing content leads to repeat website visitors along with referrals to your blog.

The other component of SEO that certainly is very essential is off page optimization. Off page optimization is more concentrated on link building work and social media marketing. Websites should have more and more backlinks coming from different high quality websites for SEO ranking. Similarly social media is a very important tool to market your website on the internet. Off page optimization generally consists of a combination of blog postings, directory submission, article postings, social bookmarking. Developing high quality back links to your webpage entails time since it is a ongoing process. Therefore you should have a suitable link building campaign to begin with and also to watch your results.

A lot of SEO specialists feel that off page optimization is more important than on page optimization. Still the project management team at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews both on page and off site optimization to be equally important for a triumphant SEO campaign. And last of all the age of the website matters. Older sites get more weightage than newer websites. Therefore going for the top of search engine results demand time as well as effort. At the same time if SEO is used in the correct way, it can harvest enormous benefits by giving a competitive advantage in terms of visitors and customers just by reading this Veritas Inc Atlanta review.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews

veritas-inc-atlanta-reviewsTrying to find honest Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews? You’ve come to the right spot. This post is devoted to offering you all of the most Exposing and SECRET information from Veritas Inc Atlanta and their hiring tactics. It seems that there are not many Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews in existence on the internet currently. This article ought to point you in the right direction.

Getting other people’s opinions concerning products and solutions and work is actually popular these days. It turns out that people give credit to online reviews nearly as much as they could a friend’s recommendation. It goes the other way too. When people can’t discover more details, they put the word REVIEWS behind a firm or program. A good example of this is Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews or even Veritas Inc Atlanta scam. This might or might not always be a good idea.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews – What’s Up?

One problem with conducting your homework in this way is the fact that you can post anything concerning anyone with no accountability presently. Consider each of the user-reviewed sites available. There’s honestly a whole lot. Glassdoor, complaints boards, scam sites, BBB (Better Business Bureau), rip-off report, Google places, yelp, merchant circle, etc. All you would need to submit a review is really a keyboard and internet service.

If you are intending to look for Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews or even Veritas Inc Atlanta scams, make certain that reviews and opinions are trustworthy. Nearly all of all the reviews come from those who interviewed with the company, yet were never ever invited to come back for any 2nd interview.

For additional information from Veritas Inc, be sure to visit these Veritas Inc reviews on Facebook. This company leads the way in forum marketing in Atlanta and many entrepreneurs subscribe to their services and point of view. Go check them out. Like right now.

My own reviews of Veritas Inc Atlanta are unbiased and factual. Having said that, keep in mind that it is just my personal opinion of the organization. Veritas Inc Atlanta is an outsourced marketing and advertising agency. Contracting out sales has been in existence for ages and large companies enjoy doing this. It’s cheaper and allows them to concentrate on their central competencies while the outsourced providers give attention to sales quality, sales, and customer preservation.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews – Who Are They?

Should you be applying to one of the numerous novice opportunities from Monster, Careerbuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc., the position postings might appear fairly unclear, however they are legitimate. The firm states in each and every one of the career listings that the position involves face-to-face sales to clients. They also report that the compensation is dependant on individual effectiveness. That can mean some different things, yet in this situation, it indicates that commission fees are involved.

The operations manager at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews the compensation: “Here at Veritas Inc Atlanta, we honestly think our best performers should earn the very best. As in any merit-based industry like professional sports, the music sector, motion picture development, etc, the very best compensated performers work most effectively. In this instance, performance makes higher pay. Basically, their effectiveness decides their paycheck. This is true with our firm too.”

While results dependent compensation and salary could be ideal for reasonably competitive individuals, it’s not so attractive to those who are simply looking for a job. I get it. Many people have been let go fairly recently and are looking for safety. Administration at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews this concept: “While companies are downsizing and shedding great personnel, we are growing. At Veritas Inc Atlanta, we pay individuals his or her worth. If someone doesn’t feel like honing directly into his or her ambitious edge and vying to reach their dreams, our business is probably not the best match. On the other hand, if an individual wants to acquire competencies, understanding, and produce an identity within an inspiring and vibrant sector with unlimited expansion potential, we just may be a great match.

There are tons of people who apply at the novice position at the company. Administration at Veritas Inc Atlanta review a huge amount of candidates’ potential based on work ethic, integrity, communication ability, and professionalism. As reported by the executive team, they are really happy to coach the appropriate people into upcoming managers in the corporation.

Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews might be hard to find, however I expect this one has given the information that you were trying to find when it comes to merit-based growth and compensation within the business. Keep coming back frequently as we regularly are updating our opinions and reviews of marketing firms in The Atlanta area.